The Bristol restaurant is the choice of gourmets

Seventy three million three hundred four thousand eight hundred fifty

Evening with friends will become good. In order to achieve a festive mood should seriously approach the choice of the institution.

The exclusive venue for any celebration is the restaurant "Bristol". Residents are convinced that this is the best restaurant where you can spend the night, eat out or meet a business partner. Friendly and cozy atmosphere, the highest level of service is the main advantage of the restaurant. All this including affordability, has enabled him to take a leading place among the best restaurants in the city. Having visited us once, with a feeling of hospitality, comfort, elegant design, range of dishes, quality of serving and entertaining program, you will definitely want to come back again.

Conducting weddings, corporate events, banquets and other festive events is one of the main areas of the restaurant. The restaurant holds two Banquet halls "gold" and "silver". You can find them on the link If your celebration is a wedding, you better choose larger "gold room". The entire interior of the hall is in truth a in Royal style. Wide sofas in leather orange-brown finish, the tables and chairs are made of oak wood, table setting with fine China, and Bohemian glass devices will make you feel like a guest at a lavish ball. "Silver hall" is designed for a smaller number of places is not inferior to the "gold". Silver Wallpaper, white tablecloth, upholstered chairs, upholstered with silk, is the place for those seeking warmth and hospitality.

The restaurant's cuisine includes exquisite dishes of Russian, Oriental and European cuisine. Hot meat dishes cooked in their own smokehouse, exotic salads, pastas and more, as well as festive dishes and dessert designed by the chef and his team.

An integral part of the festival is in a good mood you can create with music and interesting shows. The Bristol restaurant with a private musical group will always maintain a fun atmosphere, but can also be invited the best artists, ensembles, performers of songs of the city.

Best restaurant reflected a combination of three cuisines, reasonable prices, warmth and comfort, and of course a stylish interior. If you are looking for atmospheric and beautiful place to stay, consider that you found it. View the menu and interior and you'll have no doubt. We are always happy to see you.


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