TNK Magnum: oil works, mechanics rest

At the same time, on the screens of Ukraine and Russia, launched an advertising campaign engine oil TNK Magnum. The work stands out from the total mass of product advertising its positive, good creativity and non-standard approach to the presentation of consumer goods. Alex Sai - creative director SAHAR TNK slogan speaks for itself. This high-quality oil, created with all the European standards, really can help avoid many problems with the car. We are pleased with the result and believe that the resulting video is the best conveys the main advantage of the advertised product, namely its impeccable quality »

Sergey Kovalev - art director SAHAR The main character - a professional actor. This man was very temperamental. During rehearsals, he never stopped trying to jump and as clearly as possible to follow the rules of the game. I wound up so that it was impossible to stop. Previously, we found about 12 pages of printed text on the theme of the game in rezinochki, so that the study was. The hero, who at the end of the roller takes "baton" - a professional acrobat. Tinker did not attract as fix what they had nothing and expertise, respectively, to anything. In general, severe dissonance between the men and the girl's game is a godsend. Advertising does not always have to be serious ».

Paul Kandalintsev - Marketing Director of TNK

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