End of summer is dedicated to the call. Army advertisement countries

State of the countries where military service is both a mandatory and contractual, faced with the need to convey to future recruits all the advantages of service armii.Stoit noted that network advertising agencies are actively working in this area - such as "military" advertising does Leo US Burnett.

It combines all the videos demonstrating the military as the main visual, messages is very different - from attempts to romanticize the military profession, to the more familiar messages about courage and duty.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is also trying to attract into the ranks of contract of young people through advertising. Under simple and direct, like a soldier on duty, the slogan "Service contract - your ticket to the future" military advance simple values, which, in their opinion, might be interested in boys, and in which they can believe. How, for example, financial security, an interesting job that requires a solid character to become a "real man».

As is often the case in the Russian advertising intentions crashed head-on the idea and clumsy, neestestennoe incarnation. However, in "recruiting advertisement" other countries with ideas too often problems arise.



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  • 20 June 2008
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