Chasing Cannes

The agency Venables Bell & Partners and Nexus Production created a masterpiece movie about the chase on the desktop for Intel. «The Chase» («The Chase") - the first obvious applicant for a Cannes Lion, introduced in the new 2011. Perfectly orchestrated and thoughtful movie captures the action, attracts the attention of detail and conveys the core message is available from Intel.
Rather banal story - girl spy trying to get away from the big boys chasing her - was chosen deliberately to focus on how it develops the action in the film. The windows open on your desktop computer equipped with a new processor, the second generation Intel Core i5. The windows are changing rapidly, the story flows from one to another - all to demonstrate the performance of the new processor and other features.

The video was released as part of the overall communication strategy of Intel - «Sponsors Of Tomorrow» («Sponsors of Tomorrow"). The new campaign was launched in May 2009, the agency Venables Bell & Partners, which continues to maintain one of the most expensive brands in the world.
The most notable achievement of creative creatives from Venables - a series of commercials, as if showing the audience an innovative, high-tech and strange life of Intel inside. Videos from this series also went on the Russian federal television.

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