Ideas for interior design

An inspiring collection of extraordinary designs for spring update your doma.Narodnaya wisdom says: if you want to change a life or get rid of depression - rearrange the furniture. Updates, which very clearly want in the spring, you can achieve bringing something new to the interior of the apartment or house.

Thousands of designers in the world every day coming up with new interesting furniture, dishes, lamps and other accessories that make a house a home, and enabling them to express their inhabitant of this house I pass him a piece of his soul. A useful and practical design solutions not only to decorate the house, but also greatly simplify life in it.

Wardrobe of avtomobilya

Table of avtomobilya

To underfoot not putalis

Half of the room is decorated with graffiti

Unusual stupenki

Second Life scooter Vespa

Very convenient podokonnik

Beds on the whole komnatu

Fluorescent oboi

Kids shelves "Megapolis"

The door to all members semi

Art kovka

Brightly decorated headboard krovati

Family derevo

Wallpaper change color when nagrevanii

For those who hang things on spinku

An unusual hanging ladder-tonnel

Cat stenka

Masking outlet kreativno

Bed in polu

Funny door ruchki

Library under potolkom


Sofa vodopad

Blinds "Night City"

Wardrobe for lestnitsey

The wall is decorated with adhesive listochkami

Tile changes color depending on the temperature vody

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