- Hello children. The topic of today lesson - "rollback". Who can tell me what a rollback?

- Rollback - a cash equivalent of gratitude for the fact that the tender chosen our company.

- What is a tender?

- Tender - a championship industry kickbacks.

- Good for you, sit down, six. Four and two you know where you yourself.

Write the problem statement. Vanya had 5 apples. According to the documents. 3 In fact, as the contract 7.

Question: how many apples will be the one who checks Vanina economic activity?

Next question. Influence of family ties to corruption. Sanat.

- I have not learned.

- Sit down, five.

- Thank you dad.

- Who will lead me examples of corruption in the history? No one knows? Gogol "Dead Souls" how many volumes written on the documents? Two. A passed? One. Where's the other? Burned! Now you understand why we have a new computer lab burned down? And why the gym will soon burn?

And the last question. Give me the ideal industry.

- Nanotechnology!

- Why?

- Because the money is being spent on the result, invisible to the human eye!

- Well done!

- Do not forget to tell their parents to hand over 500 rubles to repair the class.

- Again 500!

- I will hand over on 300. Do not be afraid, if the parents will be asked to say that gathered at 500. Goodbye!

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