Pitfalls await practice at the path of spiritual development:

You, cheerful man who wants to discover new horizons?
You, a man who is interested in everything new and unknown?
You are a man who longs to change for the better? You, a man who wants to find a way to yourself?
You, a man who chose a certain path and ready for him to follow?
You are a man ... Then maybe you are interested in this topic.
By embarking on the path of self-discovery and self-improvement, the person often feels winged, boundless joy, euphoria.
His visit thinking that now, finally, my life will improve and will certainly change for the better. Sound familiar?
At the beginning of practice, so good: health is improving, the problems disappear, passers-by smile and everything is going well.
But sooner or later there comes a time when pop "side effects." They are caused by the restructuring of mental consciousness, belief (transformation). It is usually some sharply negative state - for example, anger, anger, apathy, fatigue, depression, lack of confidence and despair.
It is also not uncommon breakdown and the complete absence of any vital energy; sudden worsening of chronic diseases, "for some new" cold, etc.
Significant and rapid changes in the awareness and perception of the world do not come "for free" - they have to pay for the "side effects" (kickbacks).
"Rollback" - a situation where after a breakthrough ahead comes a sharp "swing back" and shows "negative" (emotional outbursts, anger, resentment, anger at everyone and everything, and Ivan Ivanov all wasted "land tramples") < br /> At this point, most practitioners begins to wonder - how is it! In fact, after a "giant" of the work, we should be even better, where did all this come from ?! How wrong I was! The practice is dangerous and harmful! etc. etc.
At this stage, many drop out to work on a naive belief that all "negative" - ​​it is something external, which appeared to them as a result of exposure to a particular technology, and, not realizing that everything coming out of them - this is it that from which "made" your identity.
There is nothing "outside" is not there. The direct and undisguised truth is - from the human body can not "go out" what it is not! If you squeeze an orange, perhaps out of it pour apple juice? That's it, no!
Likewise, the situation with a man - from his "pouring" just what it is. And what it is? And is there a ton of false beliefs, "knowledge", lays there from birth.
All that you have - it's just your ego illusory material.
Start a fight with his own ego - a stupid idea! In the war with yourself you are always doomed to failure - and then understand - ego and all the components of his convictions, are just a part of your identity, and if so, it is foolish to try to arrange a confrontation with him and fight with them.
The only right decision in this situation - is to accept the existence of a material, that is to say to yourself - yes, I was (so) I have this "negative" - ​​my "negative", I can still love. No need to try to eradicate this immediately in itself. We need to accept and peacefully, in due course, to begin to work out is all that is inherent in you - and gradually watch as it is becoming less and less, and "kickbacks" less and less.
Can they avoid the "kickbacks"? It is hard to say. In general, "kickbacks", apparently, is an inherent part of any technology (practice, practice) where the real work is conducted and achieved real results.
"Kickbacks" - a return to the old state, when it seems that nothing works and nothing worked out, there are depression, etc. In these cases it is better to remember people's wisdom: "when it appears, then the cross." Crosshairs? That's nice, we go away before.
Remember! "Kickbacks" always and everywhere where there is a study and efficiency.
You can reduce the amount of "kickbacks" and their power, if you do everything slowly and gradually. Folk wisdom "quieter steady wins the race" is as relevant as ever. If you are afraid of "kickbacks", work slowly.
Any "kickbacks" - this is just a temporary phenomenon, these are the convulsions of your ego, from the destruction of his little microcosm and dear to him. If you decide to seriously engage in spiritual practices, be prepared for a "rollback».
"Side effects" is not only where there is no real practice.
Let us consider another kind of "side effects" - a "roll back with disbelief" - is when it seems that nothing has worked and all problems returned, and generally no results, and you yourself just fooling vain only lost precious time. It's very nasty things, bringing with them a ton of doubt and unbelief, and one task - to kill in you the desire to go and work on.
No need to be a genius to guess who benefits, so you stopped working with him. - This is your old friend - your ego. And it periodically does little "coup attempt" to divert you from your work.
Fortunately, if you do not "dismiss the nurse," and do not stop and study it all goes. And yet - usually strong "kickbacks" appear in front of a "jump" to the next level of awareness.
The harder the "rollback", the greater the subsequent transition. Unless, of course, a practitioner will pass through the "kickbacks" and not be afraid, and will not turn the other way.
By the way, a work stoppage is usually eliminates "kickbacks" after a while, but you can "get stuck" in a situation where a lot of "old" is already dead, and nothing "new" is not yet born, and hang out there long and painful as netonuschy material in the hole .
Therefore, do not stop on reaching the state of "Great apathy." Stopped halfway practices "hits" in the search for a "more effective methods." And to a qualitatively different state of consciousness was "within reach».
There are constructive and "kickbacks" - is any of your problems, pop-up at the time of practice. This type of "rollback" - a great opportunity for elaborations. For example, you suddenly remembered a quarrel with a colleague and feel like bluster grabs you with renewed vigor (though there was just a quarrel). Your teeth themselves grits and palm compressed into fists. Here you will not be confused ...
I would like to note that in a "constructive kickbacks" is the majority of the world's population, but people prefer to crush them and smooth. Aggression trying to hide and suppress irritation. Suppression leads to the accumulation, then there is an "explosion" on full automatic. (a family quarrel or scandal provoked little external stimuli).
Since people do not realize they do not understand the causes of the explosion, he continues to "mark time". It is necessary to grasp a "constructive rollback", to realize it and to begin immediately to work out.
Separate discussion deserve the "kickbacks" in the event-level. There are such cases that prevail around you starts to complete the "chaos" - nothing but trouble. This does not happen at all, and still happens.
If you are in the midst of a rollback event - analyze the situation and see what it is you created it. Most likely you naskrebet pack fears silly convictions and beliefs (such as "can not interfere with it, I will be punished") and conflicting desires - today I want one thing and tomorrow I want more, and what I want, really? A look at this economy and cry - it makes no sense!
Just work through all what you have created this situation, because you created it, you do it, and to resolve. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your universe! From that moment, kindergarten ends and adulthood begins.
Good luck to you in practice!


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