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A new piece of the most intelligent and creative billboards all over mira.Da certainly posters on billboards in its pure form - it is boring, uninteresting and old. But outdoor advertising can not escape as long as people will go out. Outdoor advertising is changing, spreading to a growing number of carriers; advertising agencies are scratching their heads in search of innovative solutions that will stand out among the huge amount of incoming information.

In search of fresh, original and eye-catching progress in the outdoor advertising can be a deadlock and hang standard billboards and city-formats. But it is better to go much further and create an advertisement that will serve the city a real adornment, or attract the attention of his "work" in the literal sense of the word.

Continuing the collection of "33 most creative billboard" presents a new collection of original outdoor advertising.

Ariel: Super myagkiy

Tools Craftsman: Believe. In its ruki.

Banana bread McDonald's

The developer Unitech: Time to pay attention to the village of Karma Lakeland

Real estate agency Oscar Jensen Obyavlenie

For rent office in Copenhagen.

Lubricants Manix

French fries at McDonald's: Light bilbord

Advertising on Ariel shosse

That's easy to spot displayed.

SunChips (solar chips) prepared using solar energii

Smart: Jumping the most

Tools Tramontina: Skvorechnik

Damaged sprinklers wasting the water

Remedy for Baldness Hair Club

Zoo San Frantsisko

We all pay a price

Ware Prestige Omega: Robust ruchki

Amusement Park 6 Flags

Burn: Are you bad enough?

Auto Allstate: You're in good hands?

WWF: save paper. Take care les.

Victoria's Secret: Discover the Secret

Lose weight. Donate your shtany.

The network of fitness clubs YMCA has demonstrated on a billboard slimming its customers.

This preparation for potency Erec-F

Axe: Kalendar

Australian Cancer Center: Take a rest from solntsa

McDonalds: Solar chasy

Video Game XBox Alan Wake: The darkness smertelna

Smart: Miniature bilbordy

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