11 things worth learning in children

Being a child - it's cool. And preserve his inner child after many, many years - each steeper vtroyne.U over time will have children, and someone they already have. They get older and move to their separate, adult life. And if you watch closely, to see how they grow, you will notice them a lot of useful things for themselves as for the entrepreneur. So let us work together to appreciate the unique approach to children's lives, their fresh ideas and a constant joy to the various little things.

1. Children logikaDeti always inquisitive. They see and learn everything that comes their eyes. And as if to re-accept these things. Businessmen, too, should try to look at their business competitors fresh, unblinkered view. Most revolutionary ideas are going to side with a fresh way of thinking. We need to think and to do so that it was beyond the ordinary laws of logic.

2. Children lyubopytny.Deti always want to know more about the world, about things around, how it works and, of course, about who these people are. They grow and develop, but retain the innate ability to absorb and store vast amounts of information. The entrepreneur also should look for new information, collect new ideas to grow. Never stop to look. And seeks to extract the best for your height.

3. TvortsyRebyatnya resourceful folk. They constantly generate new. Find an object and then come up with a new function for it. It is easy to produce new solutions to problems as they arise. Children are not afraid to make a mistake and everyone has an opinion. Entrepreneurs should be as fearless and no less inventive in their approach to work and business.

4.KommunikabelnostKogda child goes to summer camp, go to a new kindergarten or school, he first of all make new friends. As adults, we gradually lose the ability to communicate so simple and easy to create a new relationship. But, in actual fact, in businesses usually based on the relations. It is important to communicate, to make friends, to learn more about the people who come into your life.

5. Children enjoy the fact that they estKogda child is faced with a problem, he used the tools and knowledge that he has. For example, if he wants to climb a big tall tree, often uses a bicycle as a ladder. Small business is also necessary to begin to skillfully use all the tools that they have. No office? We work in a cafe, or a co-WORKING home. You can not buy expensive software? Use Google Apps or Open Office. Be resourceful and be content with what we have.

6. Children are dependent on drugihDeti independent from each other and from the adults in their lives. They need help when they learn they need to feed and clothe. From whom they are waiting for help? From us, of course. Entrepreneur depends on its bonds, supporters, employees and investors. Build a business without relying on anyone, it is practically impossible, so that even the most successful entrepreneurs should seek help when they need it.

7. Children know how to spend vremyaPomnite cool as a bike slid down the hill? The most fun, thrills: the speed and the wind in your face. In the conduct of the business of the young sensation should be about the same. It should be able to take risks. Feel that carries forward with great speed. Just remember to keep your hands on the wheel and follow the hummocks.

8. Children try Vsev, probably know that one of you to hell no good musician, dancer or a bad basketball player. While you were young, you have time to try it all. But perhaps the pleasure of doing it, just to have fun with other children.
Entrepreneurs often have to do and what they are not particularly good. The interaction with people - not your thing? But that does not mean that you do not care about your employees and wage system? 1C does not own? But this is not the fact that you do not have to face this.

9. Money does not znachatDeti prefer candy money. At least it was when we were little. However, this does not mean that the issue is in lieu of wages snickers. It simply says that you have to appreciate the ridiculous, funny and even cute things. After all, the pursuit of profit - even if one of the goals of your business, but not the only one. M-th-th-th-th, Snickers.

10. Children know how to entertain sebyaSkolko time you notice your child well, or someone else playing with itself. They do not need to be entertained. They have toys, books, a TV set, a bicycle. If you are tired, what do you do - do not do it at all.

11. Children are very picky edeChemu it can teach entrepreneurs? Yes, we do not know. Just always struck by the fact how stubborn and picky children are when they eat.

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