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Murderous menu in Russian restaurant mira.Chto should make every traveler, who arrived in a new country? We think that it is impossible to feel the spirit of the country, do not sample the local cuisine. Especially because today almost all over the world restaurants offer menus in Russian. True, many of them use the machine translation, so the description of delicacies often causes our visitors not the appetite, and laughter.

Therefore, Website gathered for their readers the most "delicious" menus from all over the globe. This vkusnota, Yum!

It's just some terrible spell.

This is when a "donkey ass" can be said about the translator.


Maxim sorry.

Would risk a try?

Did you see the baby shrimp? Close!

Trudnoperevodimye broccoli in a hotel in Crete.

I want meat cashless!

And so you can take offense.

Somehow, in the English about the "institution" word.


The plight of the western potatoes.

Feels potatoes generally in the East is something wrong going on.

Wow, what a fierce!

Classic Chinese cuisine.

In this menu, each item is beautiful, but our favorite - "ugly bean curd».

Tasteless, probably.

Oil, garlic and red pepper - a great sauce for spaghetti.

Asparagus laughed shrimp laughed, cried translator.

What cruelty.

The most honest restaurant in the world.

The peaceful northern fever leavens eggplant. And what are you busy?

Well, it's just corn. Could be warts.

"Ancient" - as exquisitely sounds!

Good any documents made secret.

Did you know that the ducks have a chin?

Which of these skewers?

Travel, sample local delicacies, and do not forget the tip!

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