About his childhood in a village

Photographer Elena Shumilova - the mother of two boys amicable nimble. Sons, and their pets became heroes of a series of mental pictures about life in the village.

"I would like to capture childhood as it is - real, with embarrassment, surprise, the dreams ... For many of us want to remember not only how we look in 5 years, but also what they think, what to play, what eyes looked at World ยป.

And Elena is an amazing way possible. So touching, heartfelt and expressive about his childhood in a Russian village, perhaps, it has not been removed. Each photo Elena Shumilova - a small masterpiece, accurately conveys the mood of childhood, the beautiful and fleeting, so Website is the most touching photo project in January.

"Photography - my second profession (architect of the first), I came to this very consciously, and therefore give myself to this task with great obsession" - says Elena.

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