Awfully cute toys

Moscow artist creates a little scary toy. Who wants to horror zatiskali! All of us are accustomed to the toys - these are certainly nyashnye creation. But Moscow artist Earl Santaniel looked at toys entirely on the other side.
For years, she creates characters, in which a surprising combination of cute and disgusting. These toothy, big-eyed and fluffy monsters, among other things, and more realistic to the extent that it seems as if they are actually living, warm and just about zaurchat.

Each toy is unique because it is made "from scratch" by hand, including sculpting, sewing, assembly and painting. The whole process takes an average of the artist from 2 weeks to 2 months. Art education at Santaniel not, but that does not stop her tinkering with their toys 14 years.
We are in the Website cute monsters impressed, so in this article, see the most interesting toys Santaniel.

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