15 ads that have made the world a little kinder

Post a spontaneous manifestation dobroty.Na this week was one of the most unusual and positive holiday - Day of spontaneous acts of kindness. He called on all the day to try to be good in everything, the good and infinitely disinterested.

We are in the Website consider that to be kind must not only once a year, but every day. And all around us there are many people who think the same way.

Compassion comes not only from the heart, but from uma

Kindness sogrevaet

Any little thing can be for someone this chudom

Nothing better to do good delat

Because the real kindness beskorystna

And if selfish, the most malost

And there is always someone there to whom it nuzhna

It makes our life yarche

Good people always find each druga

They care about sosedi

And kotyata

And utochki

Being friendly is easier than kazhetsya

It's as simple as give others the courage dream mudrost

And admit lyubvi

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