Grishkovets. Just about the complex

best quotes the words of the master Eugene Grishkovtsa.Rossiysky writer, playwright, director, actor, musician, and many more who Evgeny Grishkovets needs no introduction. His "confession" in the smoking room at the buffet at the Theatre of the Russian Army "How I ate a dog" made from the provincial director general favorite, caressed by the press, the public and the jury of the most prestigious competitions. And do not let go until now.

Someone does not like him and believes that everything he does - is the level of school essays. Other worship, and with bated breath watching his performances. We are in the Website choose his most memorable quotes from the plays and books. Which side are you?

If you could smack the ass man responsible for the most of your troubles, you week could not sit Life - This is not a supermarket, buddy. Love can not be found. It can only be meet We have a word that is very difficult to say in their own language. On another - as many can throw them right and left. And at home - it is very difficult. And sometimes you say it, and once you feel so uncomfortable, and you cough. The word «love» Life takes its toll. Where my ?! When my life was love, I suddenly realized how many there are songs that are in some way about me. And a lot of films about me. Plays, poems, paintings, even sculptures! I somehow find myself just in the center of the world art Like it or not, but whatever the road sign and whatever he is restricted or even banned, this sign always indicates the care of one person about another human Do not let yourself to rob even little things ! Life becomes easier not to, but think about life is easier A truly hungry people in the restaurant do not go It is unclear at what point ends with youth. Perhaps it ends when you begin to feel someone youths and despise the fact that these youngsters like Living with resentment - is like staying with unhealed wound that is to be almost disabled He told about a man: "He must have a complex base ». Whether good or bad hotel, cheap or expensive. You come into a room and see there are disposable soap, disposable cups, and you understand that you too are a one-off. Maximum double-entry A wide smile alone is probably not impossible. Grins only someone. Another human I'm always one for humanity, but it part. The most sad sport - a women's figure skating! What would the young and beautiful woman or skated on the ice, no matter how passionately stretched out his hands, no matter how many bends, or not be, still no one it does not pop up, not hug ! Once you learn to take offense at this same moment, not in the next, and in that same moment you immediately learn wrong ! And I do not like the school because there is a small man first encounters the state Sometimes I grabs his head with his hands and think, "God, what is it a little! 58th the size of everything. This small, and how much it shit ! »The most unbearable - is the transition from hope to despair, from confidence to doubt and back. These jumps - the bloody Sine Wave , which you can imagine. Always said if people went, that marriage was a failure. People may have lived many happy years together, and then things went differently, and so they parted. What is there to failure ? You can wander, be tired, exhausted, have serious problems to be hoarse, but to be absolutely happy. absolutely



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