If the writers had nicknames

The site came up with a new game to hone kopirayterskih skills, inspiration and distraction from working rutiny.Kazhdy famous writer has his own style, his vision of the world, has its own themes and subjects. And if a little bit of brainstorming and think about it, each of them can award the playful definition of several words, which will reflect these same writers especially.

Count Tolstoy loved to write huge chunks of books in French, Bret Easton Ellis appreciates glamor and treshaninu and Patrick Suskind all know only as the author of one book. Website was happy to find that all this with varying degrees of ease becomes kopilayny. Sometimes even witty and funny.

Nicholas «ZhSU» Gogol Sergei «Damn you, Bezrukov!" < Yesenin Edward «Cheburashka only mine!» Assumption Alexander «We thought Pushkin? And here is a fig! »< Griboyedov Leo « Read me completely » Tolstoy Vladimir «My. Nickname. Discreet » Mayakovsky Fedor « The human soul darkness » Dostoevsky Anton < / «Believe me, this is ridiculous» Chekhov Victor «Let's extend» Pelevin Vladimir «Before me, no one knew about pedophilia» Nabokov Root «Pret not a child» Chukovskij Alexander «not slept» Herzen Daniel «Horse chair, twenty-eight » Harms Alexander « Thank Railways! » Radischev < Isaac «I still have sho you say» Babel Vitaly «Mushrooms» Bianchi Vladislav «Oh, those downed knees» Krapivin Boris «hug and cry" Pasternak Alexander «Your all» Pushkin Velimir "Abracadabra» Khlebnikov Alex «I'm not Leo» Tolstoy Tatiana «I'm sorry for my son» Fat Daria «Killer forests» Doncova Edward «I fucked a black man, and can boast you?» Lemons Vladimir «Right now you'll puke» Sorokin Benedict < / «We are so not to drink» Yerofeyev Michael «Students hate nature» Prishvin strong> Cyrus «Give mielofon» Bulichev Boris «cylinder, cane, historical information» Akunin < / Eugene «Come on, get to the point» Grishkovets Nicholas «One question » Chernyshevski Sergei « first mimimi literature » Kozlov Sergey «And you can see all» Minaev

Not our
Antoine «Well, draw a lamb» de Saint-Exupery Stephanie «Say it aloud » Mayer Eric « Calvados, women, war, all the terminally ill » Maria Remarque strong> Chuck «defecation and scars» Palahniuk Dante «atsky Soton» Alighieri Joan «Well, at least something to read» Rowling Franz «Grefnevaya" < Kafka Alexander «A thousand devils» Dumas Gabrielle « Forever alone » Garcia Marquez Edgar « Little Dead Girl » On Daniel «This is just the first two years of wild goat is not like a woman» Defoe Patrick «I and the other book is" < Suskind Lewis «Tales of British mathematician» Carroll Ernest "Never write sober» Hemingway Agatha «A killer - butler» Christie Steven «Dear, came the account, I have PMS, a monster in the closet» King Frederick «You have something something white under the nose » Beigbeder Paulo « Because I deserve it! » Coelho Eric «Maria» Remarque Charles «It was to you, Erofeev» Bukowski < / Carlos «Eat more of these soft Mexican cacti but drink tequila» CC George «All be bad » Orwell German « Here it is! The fish of my dreams! »< Melville Julio « And yes crack your brain » Cortazar Carlo «It is a pity that only grows nose» Collodi Gianni «You yourself vegetable» Rodari Haruki «I do not know what will happen next» Murakami Ryu "We do not even namesakes» Murakami Mary «It's alive!» Shelley < Dean «I am afraid King» Kuntz George «I myself was confused» Martin strong > Anthony «Korova. Tsepi. Moloko » Burgess James « It was to you, Tolstoy » Joyce Douglas «42» Adams Jack «Fuck GPS!» London Bret «Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Christian Dior, ax ROGER ON, Nivea, Versace» Easton Ellis Michelle strong > "I went into the shower, I forgot to wash» Welbeck Dan «" Rosicrucians "100» < Brown Umberto «" Rosicrucians "for 1000» Eco Neil «For children retirement age» Gaiman Howard «10 missed calls from Cthulhu» Lovecraft Terri «Death - is nyashnye» Pratchett George «Yes, I write, I write!» Martin William «It is necessary to reduce the dose» Burrows Irwin «Fucking Scotland» Welch Salman «Save Allah" < Rushdie Francis Scott «I told her no relation» Fitzgerald Hunter «We bring was» Thompson Friedrich «God is dead, and I am something indisposed» Nietzsche

The original idea - Duran
Nicknames - Website , users of the site

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