If the heroes of the books can send SMS

Plots famous literary works in the genre of SMS-perepiski.2 of December - a special date in the history of SMS: on this day in 1992 in England was sent first in the history of SMS-ka. Wrote her employees Sema, working in the field of mobile communications. The text was simple: «Merry Christmas». Maybe some guys hurry with Christmas gifts, but his short message, they opened an entire era in which SMS has become one of the most common means of communication.

Today SMS-ki also provide unlimited scope for creativity. Sometimes the creative spark jumps in ordinary correspondence, and sometimes people wonder: "What if ...?", And then there are made-up dialogues for the different characters.

Today Website offers a dream of what it would be like if the heroes known fairy tales, myths and classical works can write SMS. Perhaps the stories would have been quite different ...

I threw it away. Frodo. I'm sitting in a pumpkin, drink rats. Cinderella Aslan, your children get it! Wardrobe I leave you. Enjoy! White Witch. set out from Troy. Corks. Ulysses. Beauty, you're going home? Monster. Gerda, "Vechnast" or "Vetchnost"? If anything, ask Hans, he knows. Ky. praying. Waiting. Desdemona.

It was a joke, about the slippers! Where you been ?! Oksana. Mom in the hospital, I'll take you out of school. Humbert. Something you Gerasim, not telling. Mumu. You are here? I'm on the third, let's cross. Dante. Naf, we stroyrynka that take? Nif and Nuf I would be late, do not forget to pray for the night. Othello. Dragon, do wings for you to present to Murom. Yaga. Buy chairs. Ostap.

Mom, there's some gray under the windows, says - delivery of products. In the goat did not like. We ordered? Your goats. Vladimir, how many hand? Location remember. Gleb. Emelya, the palace is not reached, standing in a traffic jam on the Neva. Oven. Prometheus, I'm late. Prepare your liver. Eagle. To hell with rabbit, mushrooms and caterpillars! Most do not sleep in the afternoon. Alice. Then the devil himself would break a leg! Voland. Dad, I passed! Pavlik

My friend, let's go on Friday to the pub and have a drink !? My treat. Salieri. Your tail Owls. Pooh. there is not turned. Gasoline was over, the tube is now dies. Do something! Susanin. Kozel you, Ivan. The older sister. The guys come soon, I know a great place for diving. Alexander Nevsky.

scarf and beads bought. I am a flower. Dad. They're all sick! Aibolit. Fly sorry delays in departure. Spider greetings and enjoy your meal. Little Midge. An autopsy revealed that the patient overeat. Loggers. The swan, a pike grabs, cool, pull! Cancer. Gift. The teeth do not look. Greeks bearing.

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