Top 10 most insane actions writers.

1. Nikolai Gogol staying at his Moscow home burned in the grate continuation of "Dead Souls". The second product is burned under the plea Seeds servants, who asked, "Do not destroy the manuscript».

2. William Burroughs at a party wanted to surprise guests. The writer had planned to repeat the act archer William Tell, which hit the apple, standing on the head of his own son. Burrows put the glass on the head of his wife, Joan Vollmer and fired his pistol. - From getting into the head of the wife died.

3. Sergei Minaev and Eduard Bagirov scuffled with journalists. Author of one of the glossy magazines unflattering comments about the abilities of writers. Those, in turn, one day with their fists introduced him to his point of view.

4. Alexandre Dumas once participated in a duel, where participants drew lots, and the loser had to shoot. Their lot Dumas, who went into the next room. A shot rang out, and then Dumas returned to the participants with the words: "I fired, but missed».

5. After the start of World War II, Marina Tsvetaeva sent to evacuate the city of Yelabuga in Tatarstan. Packaging things she helped Boris Pasternak. He brought a rope to tie up the suitcase, and assuring her fortress, joked: "The rope still stand, though be hung up." Later he was told that it was her Tsvetaeva in Yelabuga and hanged.

6. Frederic Beigbeder was once caught by police. Seeing the "Pharaohs", he tried to escape, but the guards still caught affixed writer.

7. Evgeny Grishkovets left LJ. Thus, at the close of online diary, he was one of the most popular Russian bloggers. His magazine ranked third in the ranking of LJ, the number of subscribers exceeded 44 000. Eugene His decision Grishkovets explained, in particular, inconvenience excessively overgrown blogosphere.

8. In 1835, flew near the Earth, Halley's Comet, and two weeks after its perihelion born Mark Twain. In 1909 he wrote: "I came into this world with a comet and go with it, too, when it arrives next year." And so it happened: Twain died on April 21, 1910, the day after the next perihelion comet.

9. The authors of utopias "Asketskaya Russia» Artem Senators and Oleg Logvinov presenting his book in Moscow blocked the exit from the store. "No it does not come out until they are all sold out fucking book that is available" - said the writers gathered.

10. Hunter S. Thompson before shooting the film adaptation of his novel "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" came to the set. The role of Raoul Duke played Johnny Depp. The writer, being intoxicated person trimmed movie star, making color Depp huge baldness.


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