Osobennoti pregnant women and young mothers.

The first child - begins to walk in clothes for pregnant women as soon as the two stripes.
The second child - wear regular clothes while she nalazit.
The third child - Pregnant clothes, this is your usual clothes.
Preparation for childbirth:
First - All pregnancy are training to breathe correctly.
Second - Do not you train because you remember that last time nothing helped.
Third - please epiduralku the eighth month.
Baby clothing:
First - wash, boil and lay in the closet by color.
Second - Wash the clothes in which dark spots very much visible.
The third - "Nothing if the boy in pink, right?"
First - As soon as he Krivit mouth, you take him in my arms.
Second - You take your hands when his cries threaten to wake her first child.
Third - teach first child to swing the third carriage.
First - If the nipple falls, the child will not get it until it passes the boiling process.
The second - a little water washed nipple bottle.
The third - to wipe the nipple of her skirt and returns the child.
First - I diapers every hour, regardless of need.
The second - to change every 2-3 hours if necessary.
The third - to change when people start complaining about the smell.
First - Most of the time you look at a child watching his development.
The second - to choose every day a little time to see to it that senior did not push / beat / choked younger.
Third - Take time every day searching for nook in the house where you can hide from children.
A child swallows a coin:
First - run quickly to the hospital and demand x-rays out of the lineup.
Second - keep an eye on the poop, making sure that the coins came out.
The third - the same amount is deducted from his pocket money.


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