My mother sews dresses for his beloved daughter like a star

Angie and her four-year daughter Meyhem create improvised replicas of dresses celebrities.

Creative couple using colored paper, foil, feathers, cardboard, scraps of cloth, gift wrapping, napkins, glue, tape and all that is at hand.

"You will not believe, but I'm not the most stylish man in the world. I do not know anything about the fashion industry and did not know how to sew - admits mum. - Seeing our project, a friend offered me a moment to adjust the production of dresses, but my daughter and I believe that the paper we get better ».

Lupita Nyong'o in a dress by Ralph Lauren at the ceremony "Golden Globe 2014" and a copy Meyhem dress made of colored paper.

Meyhem in a dress made of paper and foil and Kimberly Perry in a ceremony CMA Awards 2013.

Meyhem dress in their own production and Taylor Swift in a dress by Jenny Packham at CMA Awards 2012 ceremony

A copy of the dresses Katy Perry, in which the singer was at the ceremony, "Grammy 2014»

The dress from the collection of the "Podium».

The dress from the collection of the "Podium».

The dress from the collection of the "Podium».

Mayhem in the copy of the dress of the actress Jennifer Lawrence at the ceremony "Golden Globe 2014».

Marchesa dress from the collection at New York Fashion Week.

Among the costumes and Angie have Meyhem celebrity dresses from photo reports from social events, dresses from movies and cartoons, fashion shows and a TV show. As well as the model invented by them.

On Instagram creative girls signed more than 78 thousand people. At Angie and Meyhem there is also the site of Fashion By Mayhem, blog to Tumblr and Twitter.

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