Dogs that have been saved

Animals are accustomed to comfort, it is very difficult to survive on the street unattended owners. These dogs are in trouble for various reasons, but the story ended well because of kind and caring people. They were assisted by volunteers shelters, rescue centers for animals or passers-by.

Editorial Website warned that it's not entertaining material. But we believe that these are the stories are the most honest and a strong example of how important it is not to be indifferent.


This poor man was found on the streets of Montreal. He looked terrible, it was difficult even to believe that it is a dog. Matted hair barely allowed him to move. But it was only cut and wash it as Rusty turned into dearest dog.


Miley was found in the trash. The dog was seriously injured and almost could not move. Now Miley is healthy and happy to live with their new owners.


Cocker Kenzie was the victim of bad owners neglect. Kenzie were saved - now this dog has become an example of how a pet can transform love and care.


Ellen picked up one of the shelters, and pet relief fund to help the little girl to get rid of almost a kilogram matted fur. Now the two-year dog waiting in a shelter for its new owners.


One woman remarked how this wonderful poodle eating in one of the garbage dumps of Los Angeles. Relief Fund helped pet dog again become fluffy - more than half the weight of Dolly was rolled up coat.


Owners Theo threw him. The dog lived on the street for about a year until the fund "Hope quadrupeds" is not found and saved him.

Baby Betti

Baby Betty was left on the street hosts. The dog looked very bad when the shelter picked her up. Now Betty is ready to find a new home where it will love.


Woody left on the street after its owner died. A few months he was hiding and did not allow anyone to approach. Woody blind in one eye, but rescuers managed to save his life.


Tracy - purebred miniature poodle. She was the victim of negligent owners. Fortunately, a passing motorist saw Tracy and took her to the Humane Society. Because of the dirty, roll up the wool, she could hardly walk. Vets have helped the dog back to being well-groomed and healthy.


When Alan was transferred to the shelter, he was not at all like a dog. After being shaved, it turned out that Alan - young and very friendly dog. He had found a new, loving home.


Bo picked up on the roadside and drove to a nearby shelter. Under the dirty hair hid a tiny and incredibly cute dog.


The poor dog was found half dead in Mexico with a terrible eye infection. Through a post on Facebook was able to collect the necessary amount of money to transport a dog in the United States and the treatment of her injuries. Now Iggy can not be kept in place - he always wants to run and play with all.


Vitu found near the landfill, it was terribly exhausted. Rescuers took several months to heal, and to fatten the dog. Now Vita looks great.


Cedar was named in honor of the golf course, next to which was found. The dog was shabby and badly her ribs protruded through the thin skin. Now Cedar lives in a big house, and take care of them very well.


Photo Olivia right on the day when the new owners took her from the orphanage to the left - Olivia year earlier.


Shrek was covered with dirty wounds and plicas. Veterinarians trimmed, washed and cured him. He was a six-year dog breed maltipu already found new owners.

Surely in your town have shelters for pets - they always need financial and volunteer help. Perhaps you met on the street pets that were in trouble. Do not remain indifferent.

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