12 simple ways to make your home more comfortable

Sometimes just one small piece in the interior can radically change it and create an atmosphere of originality and uniqueness. Website gathered for you some of the ideas that will not only make your home special, but also help to bring it warmth and comfort.

Drawing on stene

For those who are afraid to paint this on their own, sold special stickers. On the "branches" can accommodate frames with family photos.

Painting holodilnika

This refrigerator will not only please the eye, but also make your kitchen is not like any other.

Mural, changing nastroenie

With such photowall you can move to any place in the world or even turn the world upside down.

Stencil painting sten

Simple screen in the form of clouds, drops or other simple shapes transform the walls in the nursery into something magical.

Cushions for stulya

These wraps will add warmth, softness and comfort of any kitchen.

The original alternative fotoramkam

There are many ways nice and original post pictures in the room, without resorting to weary of photo frames.

Unusual Case for abazhura

Make a "knitted" cover a lampshade or paint it is not so difficult, but the second such you really will not find anywhere else.

Decorative podushki

Knitted, sewn, as a chrysalis - this pillow will be a bright accessory and drew the attention of everyone.

Panel on steny

The panel is simple, but at the same time with taste will look in any home. You can even try to do it yourself - it's not so difficult.

Original floral gorshki

There are many ways to make a flower pot decoration of the room, regardless of the fact that it is growing.


A little time and imagination - and your home will be a gentle and fun decoration.

Be creative! Even simple pegs can do something neobychnoe

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