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Odessa - a special city. On the unique humor and slang famous legends of its people, write books and make films. In Odessa citizens have their own opinions about everything - and the relationship between man and woman is no exception.

Website says this view of romance, if not the best, the most accurate witty.

Go Abraham and Sarah to the wedding:
- Abram, how much do you put in the envelope?
- Wait a minute, and that the envelope itself is nothing worth? - Good evening, Sarah Abramovna! How is your headache?
- Oh, gone to play cards ... - Sam, you would have bought me a flower ...
- Why, Celia, you're kind of still living? - I heard your Sarah get married.
- Yes, a little.

- Sonia! This guy after all cross-eyed, lame and bald, do not marry him!
- And I did not need a handsome man!
- I'm not about that - pity him, and so he got out of life ... - Semen Markovich, you know, Shaw is the lie detector?
- Oh, Benny, said Shaw know - it's nothing to say!
- And Shaw, did you see him?
- That sho saw there! Me has managed to marry him! - Boris is living with his young wife?
- Not all so good. It requires money, and in the morning, day and night.
- What does she do with so much money?
- And who will give them to her?

The wife of her husband:
- Joseph! I will make you very happy right now!
- Sarah! Mina will miss you very much! - Sofochka, ve still know sho your husband runs for young girls?
- Oh, do not do my nerves! My dog ​​runs the machines, but that does not mean sho if it will catch up, then sit behind the wheel! - Rose, do you think, if the husband is not Alain Delon, the same can be expected that there will be a beautiful children?
- I beg you - you are, thank God, live in a free country ... - Semen Markovich, I hear your rose plays the flute, although I always played the piano?
- Did so, barely persuaded!
- And the difference?
- Playing the piano, she still has the ability to also sing yourself!

- Khaya Solomonovna you do not mind now dine together?
- With pleasure, Abram Ilich.
- Then you have exactly seven. - Oh, Yasha, as you have yourself? They say you have successfully married? Who introduced you to your wife?
- I do not blame anyone ... In Odessa restaurant there is a poster: "We have new leadership." Regular customer asks the waiter:
- What Aron Moiseevich quit?
- No, but he's married. - Sofa, why did you take off your glasses when it comes to your fiance?
- I'm prettier without glasses, and he, too ...

- Sam, did you hear from the Rabinowitz ran wife?
- And how did he?
- Well, now it is more or less calmed down, and the first was overjoyed. - Monya, how you feel about your wife?
- As for our power. A little afraid, a little love, a little bit like the other. Yasha tells among friends about yesterday's quarrel with his wife.
- And for whom it was the last word?
- Clear business - me! - Proudly says Jascha. - I said, "Well, buy».

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