20 pictures, from which you want to live

Surprisingly, only one shot can cause an ocean of emotions that often can not afford to several films and books combined.

Website brought to you photographs of the life rages and shimmers in different colors. And you know that she is still beautiful!

He understands everything!

The first meeting.

Not extinct romance in Russia.

And only two years have passed!

Feel the music like no other.

That's for me? Seriously ?!

Love knows no barriers ...

N - pleasure.

And you know how to sleep giraffes?

Mom, I'm with the boys in the sauna.

If you love - the only way!

Tell him about your problems.

Joy as it is.

Yaroslavl region. Morning.

Happy childhood.

The father, who dreamed of the two sons. Dreams come true!

No matter how many years a man: he is either a man or not!

Age is not a sentence!

The best morning of the world.

Years later ...

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