9 delicious sandwich without bread

To get in shape and diversify their diet, it is useful sometimes to give up bread. But that does not mean you have to stop doing altogether sandwiches, because they can be prepared from something useful, but no less delicious!

In this article Website 9 collected the best recipes of sandwiches that will fill your body with beneficial vitamins and trace elements.

Salmon on a piece salataEto amazing dish is not only nourishes the body extremely beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, but also eliminates the long hunger.

Sandwich of Bulgarian pertsaRol buns in the vegetable sandwich carries pepper. If you want to happen, not only tasty, but also nourishing - fantasize with a variety of ingredients. Our version - cheese, spinach and a slice of avocado.

Dietary paleobulochka sweet kartofelyaDieta paleo gaining popularity. If you just briefly explain its essence, it is to eat only those foods that our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic period. Sweet potatoes are just one of these.

Sandwich Eggplant on grileDlya to appreciate the taste and flavor of the vegetable sandwich - grilled eggplant fry on both sides and make the filling of the ingredients that you like best. For example, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and lettuce.

Pancakes from tapiokiTapioka - a granular starchy foods that are rich in fiber and essential fatty acids, but it does not contain gluten. Pancakes tapioca - a dish is not quite familiar, but very delicious.

Pellets of flour plantain or other travLepeshki of such a "wild" flour obtained from the air spicy tinge, pale green. They can be eaten as bread, served with meat, vegetables or rice.

Sandwich of ogurtsaEto not quite familiar dish perfectly quenches not only hunger, but thirst. Cut the cucumber in half and remove the core. When such a "submarine" will be ready - safely fill with her favorite ingredients and enjoy the unusually mellow taste!

Hamburger cooking pomidorovPrintsip same as that of the sandwich. Select any stuffing, fasten with a toothpick or skewer tomato halves and enjoy the fragrant vegetable sandwich.

Sandwich with mushrooms shiitakeShiitake considered a symbol of youth and longevity. And in combination with vegetables and herbs - a real vitamin bomb! Due to this sandwich, you will not only strengthen the body but will become a step closer to his dream swimsuit.

We do not call to give up bread completely, but if you will be doing yourself periodically such sandwiches, you will notice how improving your overall health, but at the same time the figure will put in order.

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