How to understand the people and in yourself. Wise advice of a psychologist

relations with others - a difficult thing. What to say, and with himself sometimes difficult to reach agreement. Website published 15 tips well-known psychologist, psychotherapist Michael Litvak, which will help to address some vital questions.

I do not know the path to success. But I know the way to failure - this desire to please everyone. No male or female logic, have the ability or inability to think properly. Want to know your main enemy? Look in the mirror. To cope with it - the rest run away. With Friends Meet nice, but the enemies - is useful. There is only one good reason for the break in relations and dismissal - the impossibility of personal growth in the current environment. The immature person often knows, but does not know how. Mature not only knows, but he can. Therefore, immature person criticizes, and mature does. Share the joy and only with your friends and enemies. Friend rejoice, the enemy upset. Do not chase after happiness and find a place where it is found. And happiness will find you itself. I can tell the place where your happiness is found - is you. But the path to it - the maximum development of all their abilities. Happiness - a "by-product" properly organized activities. If someone is reproached with ingratitude you immediately find out how much his services, calculated and no longer bear this man of action. If you want someone to prove something - so, you live for the sake of someone you want to prove it. If you live for yourself, then there is no need to someone to prove something. Dreams - is the voice of our abilities. So I do not dream to sing in the opera. There is no voice, nor hearing. And if it wanted to, it follows that this dream would have warmed my abilities. Therefore, I try to get to the opera. You just need to think about how to realize this dream. Here the main thing - do not hurry up, then turn out pretty quickly. Well, when a person can say the following about himself: "I'm just doing that and that trying to realize their dreams." To learn how to treat you people tell them about their plans and dreams. Anyone who feels for you the latent hatred will criticize them. The one who wishes you better tell you how to do it. Communicating with someone, remember that he had a good opinion of himself. Bring It On - held grievances.



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