"You sew clothes for the soul, because she was uncomfortable ..."

you sew clothes for the soul, because she was uncomfortable ...
Her friends have long Force in new clothes,
For someone shawl indifference with stones,
For someone malice and duplicity with spikes.

And someone sewed the dress evening of flattery,
Some people like to wear a dress out of revenge,
And you're dressed in simplicity and compassion,
They are not in fashion and left unattended.

You as a child loved to dress confidence.
Your soul it from wear and tear over the years,
It is now bursting at the seams and it was close,
But the evil and envy of the soul are not interesting ...

Why try not to wear his?
Instead doubt try on the soul of hope.
Attire of gossip as the costume for the masquerade,
False masks on a shower it is not necessary.

It's better conscience than empty promises,
Better to let the dress out of love and understanding,
The mini skirt is sewed out of benefits.
And best of soul leave entirely open.

Soul outfit you do not rush to change the fashion,
Alien advice on style hardly suited her.
Apparel soul, no doubt, decorate,
But without a soul wear is not important.

© Irina Samarin maze

via adme.ru


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