20 photos that our world is beautiful and without Photoshop

Even the strongest work of the artist is not able to convey the beauty of the Earth. Sometimes, in her landscapes lies a colorful palette, depending on which you think it's another planet.

Website published photos that show that our world is beautiful and without the use of Photoshop.

Yunnan Kitay

National Park "Olympic" SSHA

Glowing squid Hotaru Ika, Yaponiya

Sunset on the beach in Pensacola, SSHA

Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Yaponiya

Desert in Namibia, Afrika

Daigo Ji Park, Yaponiya

Volcanic lightning Yaponiya

Lake Natron, Tanzaniya

The shadow of Mount Fuji length of 24 km, Yaponiya

The vast forests, Rossiya

Where Namib Desert meets morem

Rapeseed field in Liuping, Kitay

Dog sledding in Grenlandii

Kazbegi Gruziya

The boundary of the North and Baltic morey

Farmer Vetnam

Curious seals, SSHA

Winter Kamchatka Rossiya

Pink Lake Senegal

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