10 reasons to love autumn

In fact, the fall - it's not sad to go, but a wonderful and beautiful time of the year. There is also have a lot of advantages. Website provides you 10 reasons to love the charming autumn illustrator from Bird Born. Throw away angst and enjoy!

You can wear bright raincoats, boots and umbrellas.

Rustling leaves and collect colorful bouquets.

Absorb enjoying soothing noise of the rain.

In the autumn produced the most vivid and colorful pictures.

The most suitable time to to sit in a cozy cafe and enjoy a hot tea with scones.

It is now the most beautiful forest and the most delicious mushrooms.

When outside overcast, cold and the rain, there is nothing more comfortable home gatherings.

We do not need to go to school and we can arrange a holiday, at will.

Finally, you can go on a picnic and do not be afraid of mosquito bites.

And best of all - it is to come together and share experiences, remembering how did this summer.

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