37 powerful sotsialok

Well reklama.Horosho made a very convincing advertising attracts your attention and will remain in memory for a long time, and this is the effect that social issues is needed. To make people think and inspire action - the first step towards meaningful change.

Website offers a selection of powerful social advertising.

Stop pytki

Torture victims are people like you and me.

Stop the violence: do not sit behind the wheel pyanym

Premature konets

END. If you smoke, statistically your story over 15% before it could. For assistance, please contact QUITTLINE 0200 00 22 00.

For the World Wide Fund for prirody

Fearfully. Even more frightening.

The color of your skin should not determine your future


Turning the page, you destroy les

Slower - luchshe

46 days in the hospital.

Save paper - save the planet

Air pollution kills 60,000 people in god

Laiki not pomogayut

Huskies do not help. Become a volunteer. Change your life.

If you do not raise it, they will

That's what we see when you smoke

League against cruelty to zhivotnymi

This is not football.

Do not talk on the phone while driving

It does not happen here, but going seychas

Censorship leads to vranyu

Think of dvoih

The number of accidents involving children increases during school holidays. Please be especially careful!

Every 60 seconds dies vid

Every minute counts. Every donation counts.

Innocence in Danger

Street children feel nevidimymi

Plastic bags ubivayut

There will be consequences. Save Sea chistymi

When you see the tuna, imagine pandu

The desire to sleep more tebya

Do not drive if you want to sleep.

Feeding the hungry is easier than you dumaesh

You yourself call rak

Forests - lungs planety

It is not yet too late.

For homeless people every day - it borba

Preventing Breast Cancer

How to perceive zhenschinu

Women need to put in place; women should know their place; Women need to be kept under control; women should be punished.

Women should be seen as equal.

Do not buy exotic pets like souvenirs

The same pet, different hozyaeva

Buckle up. Stay in zhivyh

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