What really lies behind the door in the comedy "The Diamond Arm"

Everyone remembers the scene where ordinary Soviet citizen Yuri Nikulin performed mistakenly plaster diamonds. Well-known Russian blogger Sergey Dolya walked down the street in Baku, where they filmed "abroad", and peered into the mysterious door where wielded cinematic smugglers.

With the permission of the author Website publish a report on what he saw there.

"The weekend was in Baku, I was walking through the old town. I stumbled on the street, where they filmed a crucial scene from "Brilliant hands". 8bcb70bcd2.jpg

The door, which dragged the hero Yuri Nikulin was open. I decided to look inside and find out what lies behind it is actually ... 2f614cfe1c.jpg

It should first be noted that the place has changed a lot. A new balcony, although it looks natural. Instead of asphalt on the road is bruschatka.a82b091061.jpg

Okay, I will not torment you. Let's log vnutr.f5938932e8.jpg

I recall that there was at filmu.84be2a5e9a.jpg

But that realnosti.332db18505.jpg

Just courtyard of an apartment house, very reminiscent of odesskiy.b5314c2a84.jpg

Rose povyshe.d8b711a873.jpg

In general, no diamonds or something similar to yuvelirku not seen bylo.f76a827c4a.jpg

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