7 useful skills that make life easier. Why are we not taught this at school ?!

Pupils asked to teach such a huge amount of material that sometimes behind this teacher forgotten to tell the children about the really important things. Often, after school children can not cope with ordinary tasks of life. But the study of school subjects - it is not an end but only a means, which is to ensure a successful future.
We offer to your attention the 7 items that would be useful for future specialists.

1. Speed ​​reading
Fast reading technique will not make us smarter, but it can be very useful. After all, people always have to cope with the huge amount of information and know how to quickly identify the basic meaning of the text - is very useful.

2. Time Management
To be able to manage their time - is necessary. This would help many people to get rid of the addiction permanently postpone the case until later. Most of our plans remained unfulfilled due to the fact that they just do not have time.

3. Ability to learn
Children have to learn a huge amount of information, but it is important to know how to do it. This ability would have saved us from wasting time, because there are special memory techniques.

4. Financial Management
It would be good if in math class using real examples, teachers teach children to manage money wisely.

5. Ability to communicate
Any interaction with humans involves communication. Very useful if the child learns to articulate their ideas and defend their own opinion.

6. Mental health
Many people may not realize themselves because of increased anxiety or self-doubt. Teach the child to cope with stress - a very useful thing. The ability to care for their spiritual well-being will help prevent depression and solve many other problems.

7. Professional orientation
High school students in the school must provide information about the world of professions, career opportunities. This discipline also includes the ability to write a resume and effectively use its potential.

Anyone can learn this, the main thing - to have the desire. Show this article to their loved ones, their opinion!

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