The secret harmony of Japanese women revealed: only 6 simple rules of supply will transform any woman!

Everyone knows that it is Japanese women are the most orderly in the world. In addition, Japan - a country with the highest life expectancy. One of the reasons is that the Japanese way of life is very different from ours. But there are some simple rules that can stick to any person. We offer to your attention these tips, they will help you get in shape and feel better.

1. Products
Food - is the foundation of health and appearance of a person. Japanese women almost do not eat high-calorie foods. For cooking, they use the most useful products: rice, fish, all kinds of varieties of cabbage, kelp, green tea.

2. Cooking
In order that the food is easy to digest, it is important to prepare it. In Japan, most often steamed, grilled or in a skillet, choosing the most useful vegetable oils. Products take only fresh, to get the maximum benefit from them.

3. Eating
Should eat small portions of food, thoroughly chewing. In addition, for each dish Japanese use a separate bowl. And no eating!

4. Rice instead of bread
Daily consumption of bread and rolls can lead to excess weight. The main product is considered to be of the Japanese rice, which can be fed to any dish.

5. Breakfast - above all
No wonder doctors say that the breakfast - the most important meal. For breakfast, the Japanese women eat very large portions. It can be an omelette, fish, tofu, seaweed, rice.

6. Fruit dessert
Very rare Japanese sweets are served for dessert, because the fruit is much better.

As you can see, the basic principles of nutrition and food in relation to Japan, there is a reasonable approach. We recommend that you adopt these simple rules, your body will be grateful. Share this helpful article with your friends!



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