Golden Hands

That's really really - people will never disappear. With such a talent ... Already captures the spirit.
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Levu Grigoryan I remember from childhood. There, in his childhood, he showed us with Lvovichem how to shoot a gun homemade homemade gunpowder, and when turned off the light and water, but due to an oversight, left gas - like an oven out of nothing delicious cakes and play box. Later, in Moscow in 93 Leva use our rented apartment as a base for the capture of the capital. Well, here we have to communicate more dense. He changed me opaque cover of the books, as a result of what I got trapped in the school, I paid him that slip into the creaking of the biscuit packets directly under the pillow. He poured me crumbs in bed, I scored him shoes watercolors. I then grew up to twenty centimeters over the summer, and I was dying to have. Always much. Parents tried to somehow affect me, but Loew always stopped them with his trademark "leave the child, the boy grows." Now Loew said that I was so smart because of it, because otherwise my parents would have starved to death. This idyll, however, ended when I accidentally ate a piece of my mother's was intended Leve khachapuri. Loew looked darkly at me, at the empty plate and frowned summed up - "the boy grew up." Leva - an inexhaustible source of energy. Leva first in Photoshop dressed in winter studded tires wheel mouse from Microsoft. Coupal red horse. He could have become a figure no less famous than those filled with the famous corner Dureva :). But it's all flowers. Because a couple of days ago, Loew sent me this.


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