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The ring on your finger activates the energy program in your aura, which can affect your life both positively and negatively. On which finger wearing the ring depends on its impact on the destiny of man. The right hand is the guide of male energy is active and so all the rings on his right hand stimulate specific areas of our lives. Ring on his left hand, which acts as a passive conduit female energy that can protect from certain situations and energies.

In this case, it is important not that on which hand is wearing the ring, but also of what metal it is made. Gold, as active metal activates the solar energy. Silver — absorbs negative impact and protects.
The thumb of the right hand is responsible for masculine qualities of logic and reason. And to develop them, put on the thumb of the right hand gold decoration, with bright gems of red, orange or yellow. If you want to reduce your materialistic perception of the world, on the big finger of the right hand put on silver jewelry with the stone of cold colors — it will help to strengthen intuition.
If a gold ring worn on the thumb of the left hand, then his energy will help to transform the spiritual knowledge in material terms — you will be able to get real benefits from your knowledge.
The index finger connects the human with the divine plan. So it's best to wear silver jewelry, and gold reserved for the other toes.

The middle finger is responsible for fate, karma and retribution. So the rings on the middle finger can bring the working out of karmic debt. In this case can come the first test, and then reward for correct actions. If you believe that you have already passed all the tests of fate and now it's time to collect your rewards, then wear the ring on the middle finger of the right hand. If you are unsure, it is better not to risk it. The middle finger of the left hand may postpone lessons if it is to wear a silver ring, with stone cold color.
The ring finger carries a success, family harmony, love, realization in society. On the ring finger of the right hand is good to wear a gold ring to enhance all of these areas of life.
Gold wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand combine the energy of two people and intensify relations, directing energy in a favorable direction.

An engagement ring made of silver can cause people to turn cold in the relationship and will strive to give all my love and just accept it.
If the husband and wife broke up, and the family no longer exists, in this case, both spouse need to return to each other wedding rings. So they will give freedom to yourself and your partner to a new relationship. Or another option is to wear a wedding ring on his left hand — in this case, it will block the energy from the previous marriage. If a wedding ring to wear, and where to store it, it will be energetically nurture the old relationship.
Right hand little finger is suitable for rings of gold, if you want to increase sociability. Ring with a red stone on the little finger of the right hand will help you negotiate in business matters and to Shine his erudition and subtle mind among fans. See also: Energy code partnership Why it is important not to think badly of anyone Silver ring on the little finger of the right hand will bring you peace of mind in life, all events will depart on the second plan, and you will be able to be alone with him. To arrange a uniformly passive and active life you can, if you wear a gold pinky ring with a green stone.
Left hand little finger meant for monastic rings or those who want to live a life of solitude.published


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