Crazy Idea: 24 of the most unusual designs rings.

Ring - a very ancient accessory. The first decorations were about six thousand years ago. They had already presented as a gift or as a token of love and respect. Yeah, maybe, modern rings became less symbolic, but it managed to compensate for their diversity. The team provides a selection of your most endearing rings with a very unusual design. This little accessory is able to give you a royal feeling. Choose something special for its second half.

Ring Mouse

Photo: Etsy

Ring of flowers

Photo: Etsy

Rings based on "Alice in Wonderland»

Photos: Beautiful Life


Photo: Etsy

Rings with hidden message

Photo: Yoonjungyun

Ring projector

Photo: TechShout

The Ring with crystals

Photo: Etsy


Photo: Etsy


Photo: Supermarkethq

Ring with origami crane

Photo: Etsy

«I love you" in Braille

Photo: Eve Design

Ring "Antlers»

Photo: Etsy

The ring with a dragon

Photo: Barnorama

Rings whole hand in the form of a skeleton

Photo: Back Stage

Wedding rings with a screw and Gadget

Photo: Kiley Granberg


Photo: Bordering On Obsessed

The ring with the effect of the cut finger

Photo: Toxel

Ring Steampunk

Photo: Etsy

Wooden ring with scenery

Photo: Etsy


Photo: DesignBoom

DJ Ring

Photo: Demilked

Ring with swimmer

Photo: Helen Noakes

The ring-eyeball

Photo: Weheartit

Ring in a Galaxy

Photo: Etsy

I liked something? Here you can find a ring to suit all tastes! Dear man gave you a small, but very valuable gift. Show these incredible fans of unusual ideas.

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