Useful ring

Well, when the accessories can serve not only as decoration but also bring benefits! Here I have collected a few examples of "useful Rings»


Pulse RingNuzhnaya thing if you are a runner. Measures the load and puls.

Ring Service by Meng Fandi
Ring the alarm created in order to wake you in the morning vibrating signals. At a special charger, which you put on the ring, you can set the time, what would you like to wake up. The ring is worn on the finger for the night and, when it comes to the long-awaited moment of the morning, it vibrates. It is worth it to return to the same unit as the "alarm" automatically vyklyuchaetsya.

Ring with mikrofonomChestno kovorya, I do not quite understand why it is necessary, but in the ring built-in microphone to speak there. Just a side has a standard razem.

Ring, which is not scary to walk in the park one night. Because at the right moment it turns into ... pepper spray with! The side of the ring is a small a button, clicking on which the ring was jetted poison. (Ring can be filled with spray repeatedly)

Ring-business card
American designer of Japanese descent Hideaki Matsui has invented a new form of business cards. The so-called informational rings allow their owners to share personal data with a handshake. When shaking hands ring information transmitted and stored information obtained about the owners - phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information as well as photos. After meeting with new business partners, the user can ring siphon collected information to a personal computer. Energy source for "business card XXI century" should serve as a warm human tela.

Ring from Charles Windlin
Development «Digitus Ring» 1400 includes magnetic fields, each of which is rotatable. Also in the ring are computer chips that allow to control the color scheme of the ring - from darker to lighter. While this ring is able to display the time or, for example, the date of your wedding anniversary. Later additions are possible, but this feature seems very privlekatelnoy.

The Remember Ring
One day before a special event in your life, the inner surface of this wonderful ringlet, where this is the "hot spot" is heated to 120º F (48º C) for about 10 seconds and continues to heat up, hour after hour throughout the day! I can reassure feel uncomfortable you will not. The ring is heated to a temperature that will not burn you, but ignore the heat of the ring you will not be able too. On one ring can be programmed only one datu.

Engagement ring for computers fans

On the ring can be applied to any phrase binary code. Zeros and ones standing in one column in all five strips on top of each other, form a binary number, from 1 to 31. This is sufficient to encode any letter of the alphabet (and Cyrillic, if we ignore the "e" and "d"). Thus, the ring can be recorded on any message length 20 simvolov.

Dingdrin - it rings with integrated microfilm. If you look at the lens, located on each side of the accessory, you will find pictures, text messages, pictures, etc. You can choose from banks of pictures, as well as send your sobstvennye.

Security Ring
The Magic Ring Security Ring, created by designer Yang Hai, take care of the security of your data. You put the ring on her finger, and when the waste at a certain distance from the dock of the ring that is connected to your computer, all the programs running on it are blocked. Such an option, you can try to do with a mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth. But the idea of ​​the ring seemed to us more simple and udobnoy.

Vibrating GPRS Colta
Ring worn on both hands, and neck dresses controller, which entered zip code. You go and ring vibrate on the right or left hand, depending of type of where to turn to get to the desired mesta.

iRing - ring
In the ring built-in sensors that help to control music playback and volume on the player, and it's all decorated in a stylish and elegant design. The ring is equipped with a bright OLED-display, and charging iRing missing for two days in operation, so you can safely take it in the short-term trip or pohod.

Incidentally, the faces and laces just such rings girl opens cans of Red bulom.

Vanity Ring
Vanity ring (translated as the word "vanity") - this is a new and interesting way to determine social status. Work Vanity Ring is based on a simple Google search on your behalf and counting the number of links. To get the result you want to specify your name in the attached program. Results are loaded into a ring and are displayed on a small screen. Accordingly, they need to be updated periodically. Regardless of the personal relationship to you, the surrounding will learn how your name is popular in the world pautine.

USB Finger Mouse
"Mouse" is worn on the index finger, and the button is pressed a lot. Can work on any surface, tkani.


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