7 facts about what is still a nasty place - the Internet!

You sit there constantly and somehow do not think that is really negative and stupidity on the Internet as much as anywhere else in the world! < 1. The indignation on the Internet - it can be said, the national pastime. Scandalous cover in the popular magazine is a flurry of emotions, as the information about the killings of innocents in Syria! Important news mixed with trash, which alone can that eat away at the brain.

2. Money, money, all for the sake of money. Internet just overwhelmed with all nonsense, because the clicks bring money. The texts can be completely devoid of any umestvennoy load, the main thing - a shocking headline and easy digestibility sense. About videoblogerov generally a separate conversation.

3. Bots become more than people here seriously. Amazon in the cloud boots up staggering 78% of the traffic. Of course, some of them are useful, but what about the 23% of the bots that are going to steal your bank card, access your e-mail? And their number is growing.

4. Internet Censorship and regulation of the government finally finishing off just common sense. It is clear that the authorities think of their (and only their) safety and who cares that the control of their tracking technology for the population can get really "bad guys" terrorists, murderers, swindlers and other scum.

5. Circle monopolists. Ever since the Internet became widespread, it has generated some very large corporations, who now earn so much that can easily beat the budgets of some countries. For example, Google controls 90% of the search market in Europe. 90%! Soon he seems interested in world domination.

6. Propaganda. In recent years, no department, where the truth lies where propaganda. Both Russia and the other countries are not an exception. Propaganda "makes it impossible for an honest and truthful public debate", and just zadolbala.

7. doggie. Where so many of them ?! Previously, seals were now doggie. And get away from them absolutely nowhere.

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