200 wagons of food reserve: 6 facts about the giant underground refrigerator, created in the USSR

Can you imagine the refrigerator, which will fit 200 cars products? Yes, and the underground? And not just the underground and carved into the rock ... 1. This crazy refrigerator is on the outskirts of Samara, in a very inconspicuous place. In Soviet times it was called "Samara Khladokombinat number 2┬╗.

2. This crazy refrigerator is on the outskirts of Samara, in a very inconspicuous place. Not knowing about it, you can drive past dozens of times and did not pay attention to the shabby two-story red brick building.

3. Initially, it was mining, where prisoners worked in the late 1930s. In 1958, by the decision of the Economic Council dug tunnels were transferred Rosmyasrybtorgu and in separate halls began installing refrigeration equipment.

4. The total capacity of all the halls and corridors amounted to 16,400 tons (200 wagons is eating). From all over the Soviet Union were brought here to fish, canned meat products. Products are kept strictly on the visit, and closer to the expiration of the deadline date for their distributed sales networks, filling the vacated space fresh.

5. The latest batch of Soviet products - 300 tonnes of butter - were taken away in 1992, after which the company actually ceased to perform the function of state strategic reserves. In 1997, with the advent of privatization, it was renamed JSC "Cold┬╗.

6. Now the refrigerator continues to operate, although only part of its galleries (actually cooled only 20% of the underground areas). Where food products are stored various private firms, brokerage companies and some retail chains.

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