15 facts about what habits will help you change your life

At the service Quora, where users communicate with each other knowledge, the question was raised: what habits could change your life? The site publishes the most popular and important sovety.

1. to make lists. Shefali Yogendra considers that lists allow to unload the brain and do not force him to remember information that can be recorded. It helps to think about the really important things.

2. Maintain personal finances in Excel. A simple table with columns of expenditure and income will help understand where it goes from salary and any detail is to refuse without any consequences for themselves.

3. Read the book at least 10 minutes a day. As motivation user Quora quoted Tyrion Lannister in the series "Game of Thrones»:

I soberly assess their strengths and weaknesses. My mind - my weapon. My brother is a sword, the King Robert - his hammer, I - d. And the mind needs sharpening as well as a sword. That's just his grindstone - this book.

blockquote> 4. to meditate. Meditation is helpful in many ways, it clears the mind, relieves negative and teaches self-control.

5. Brushing your teeth is not only a toothbrush, and floss. Brush cleans only three of the five tooth surfaces.

6. Coming up with new ideas every day!

7. Create a morning ritual. In the long run it will help you wake up much easier. The body will be able to wake up at the same time, even without an alarm clock.

8. Make backups of all data. One accident with the loss of your data will be enough to understand how important this is. But you can train yourself to do backups beforehand.

9. to get up from the computer every half hour. At this time, you can see into the distance, to relax the muscles of the eyes move around a little bit and get away.

10. Spending one day a week without technology. On this day, for example, on Thursday, get rid of a smartphone, a computer and the Internet. Spend the day with your family or with relatives wherever you want.

11. Do not carry a lot of money and credit cards. A small amount of cash and one card with his head enough to move around the city. The advantages are obvious: if you lose everything, or you steal a purse, the loss will be minimal.

12. Keep a diary or blog. This helps to assess "by" his life and serves as a kind of psychological self-therapy.

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