More than half of Russians is overweight, a quarter are obese


More than half of Russians is overweight, a quarter are obese - said dietitian and professor of Institute of Nutrition Alla Pogozheva during an online conference at the RIA Novosti website. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases, and, especially, diseases of the cardiovascular system, which to date in Russia most frequent cause of death. To get rid of excess weight, according Pogozheva, should be gradually and eat - balanced. Balanced diet - one in which a certain amount of combined proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This is about 1: 1: 4 by weight. Therefore, if we exclude any one of these components or severely restrict, the food becomes unbalanced and leads to various metabolic disorders - said Pogozheva. Popular Kremlin diet, according to Ms. Pogozheva - a glaring example of malnutrition. It got from her and other diets. In general, the doctor said that in the weight loss is better to do without the personal initiative and drop those extra kilos under the supervision of a physician. It is possible to enter the house to talk, quickly throw off the weight and then gain it even faster.

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