In men, there are a set of Peter Pan, and a complex set of Jennifer Samson

Peter Pan complex. Sexual preferences sometimes men are built on a rather unusual, very bizarre grounds. Men with a so-called set of Peter Pan children retain the level of emotionality ("a boy in a man's body"), and they are attracted to older women, in addition to the role of lover, performing the role of mother or older sister. Peter Pan - the character of the famous children's book by James Barrie. Together with other "lost childhood" boys he lives in a fairy-tale island, where it meets a girl Wendy, who took upon himself the care of his upbringing.

Jennifer complex - this desire to middle-aged men to give up his wife (which is conventionally designated Jane) and escape with his young mistress that half or even one-third of under it. Rich men experiencing complex "trophy wife" pick his wife are extremely beautiful and young women are usually higher than the growth itself, which could boast of in the society. For such a man's wife - a kind of trophy, exhibited on the mantelpiece and testifying about his courage and consistency. This is the same decoration as luxury yachts, sports cars or a castle in France. To mind immediately comes an example of Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Complex Samson link - man to a woman, who, he knows, does not feel warm to his senses and is always ready to betray him. Often he even pushes her own betrayal. "Samson Complex" in an article of the Israeli psychiatrist Ilan Kutz, published in the "British Journal of Medical Psychology." Referring to his patient, he writes: "And the patient, and Samson observed the same pathology - an obsessive desire for destructive behavior, together with the inability to learn from their mistakes. They have formed a painful affection to women who are either unwilling to betray the trust originally male or forced into it under pressure from the very same Samson. Following the betrayal of a sharp surge of emotion, anger towards the world, but then the patient is isolated in their experiences. "Samson Complex" - a long-term condition, sometimes lasting a lifetime, the initial stage is characterized by the external expression of aggression, and the final stages are characterized by depression, especially after the heroic attempt to save the restless soul from suffering end with nothing ».

Samson - a biblical figure mentioned in the Book of Judges, the last of the judges of Israel. He was famous not only for its incredible strength and the heroic struggle of the Philistines, but also phenomenal unsuccessful relationships with women. In essence, it is a tragic character. All his unhappiness and his own death are the result of willful misconduct by some Philistine. The most amazing thing in this case is that he provided them with an excuse to betray him.

Source: Stephen Juan, «The odd sex»



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