In the US there is the most harmful in the world restaurant. It is called the "Heart Beat Grill"

Dallas (Texas) operates the world's most harmful restaurant - Heart Attack Grill. Calling your restaurant fast food after the "heart beat", its founder - a former fitness trainer John Bass and did not conceal that the menu there will be only harmful, very harmful and extremely harmful for the fat and calorie meals. The motto of the restaurant «Taste worth Dying For» (taste, for which you can die) speaks for itself.

The menu of this catering - four kinds of hamburgers («Single», «Double», «Triple» and «Quadruple Bypass»), containing beef patty weighing from 230 to 910 grams, respectively. For fans there is fatter potato fries «Flatliner Fries», cooked in this fat and ButterFat Shake with high cholesterol among the foods in the world (so says the menu institution). The biggest dish in the menu is the burger «Quadruple Bypass Burger» - it 2 pounds of meat patties, a tomato, half onion, cheese 8 pieces and 16 pieces of bacon. All together - it is 8000 calories.

However, surprise-fat and junk food American fast food has long no one can. The highlight of the restaurant - in the atmosphere of the institution. For every visitor who made the order, referred to as the "patient" and the waitress pose as nurses. Each "patient", "nurse" listens stethoscope, customers are also given aprons, reminiscent of hospital pajamas. Those who weigh more than 160 kilograms, from the institution relies additional free meal.

Finally, the "patients" umyavshie triple or quadruple burger, have the opportunity to throw a little fat to ride a wheelchair. In short, a restaurant to be honest, that leads people straight to the hospital. Customers are not against the end of visitors and the institution does not know.




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