Scary tale

Once in the office of the Moscow company one of the employees (middle-aged woman, deeply "turn" on the esoteric, shamans, wizards, and so on) being at a table object strange appearance - a small, pretty heavy gray ball of unspecified material, firm and warm to the touch. On this occasion it convened all the female part of the team and they are not thinking, come to the conclusion that there is something fishy and decided immediately to turn to witch friend.
The sorcerer came, looked at the ball, did a terrible mine and said that the ball - a really powerful magical artifact that their company jinxed competitors and the like, and in order to avoid the consequences, the ball must be burned. Immediately. Subject to the relevant magic rituals.
Bulb is burned, happy, satisfied ...
odds After a couple of hours on the job comes the local systems analyst, sits down at the computer and silently begins to work; after a few seconds he stopped with bewildered views takes his arm and begins to examine it from all sides ... and then jumped up, shouting: "Damn! Who stole the ball from a mouse? !! "


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