The scariest picture in the world

The most terrible in the world was recognized as a painting by bill Stoneham, which was established in 1972. When painting, nazyvalas "Hands Resist Him" ("the Hands resist him") was shown at the exhibition, proschel incredible scandal.

Some of the spectators fainted, some cried, others experienced discomfort. The artist painted this piece with old photos where he was just a boy with his younger sister. Probably, the reason for gossip is the fact that the expert from the "L. A. times", which first saw the picture, soon after that died. Further, the masterpiece was bought by actor John Marley who died in 1984. After that, the painting was found in a landfill, it is "sheltered" by outsiders. The first night 4 year old daughter snuck into the room to parents and reported that children in the picture are fighting. The father decided to conduct an experience – he left in the room where hung the work of a surveillance camera which react to the movement. Strangely, the camera worked a couple of times per night. One can only imagine so terrible for this family was that night.

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