Symptom deadly disease society

Jan Fioletov

In 1979 I was 16 years old.
Our entered Afghanistan.
I already at that time were complicated relationship with the Soviet authorities. She did not like me flatly.
I read a lot, knew who Yuli Daniel, what happened in 1956 in Hungary, in Czechoslovakia in 1968, what is sown magazine, the Helsinki Accords, solidarity, etc.
August 14 th, The Gulag Archipelago, I listened to the Voice of America for a small receiver to the HF-band secret from their parents. I was curious to know neofitsalnuyu history. That Soviet official history lied, it was evident to the naked eye.
When the Soviet Union entered Afghanistan limited contingent, it was clear that enabled the old scheme - a puppet government that call for help the driver puppets. Patriotic rise beginning of military operations did not cause. Queues in voenkoman was not, but it is my generation went "beyond the river", helping the Afghans to build socialism.
Tips on Afghan soil began the war with the people and with the Americans. What's left then in Afghanistan, and how many years the war lasted, it is not necessary to tell. Everyone remembers, perhaps? Who does not remember - esteem.
While the West in power were the two real person, matter chelovechische - Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Against the Soviet Union it was imposed economic sanctions. "We dovooruzhaem you to death!" - Allegedly said Reagan.
Politburo giggled like an old man. And Reagan knew what he said.
When oil was worth less than 19 dollars a barrel, to the elders of the Kremlin did not make it, it's the beginning of the end.
12 years after the invasion of Afghanistan, the Soviet Union disappeared from world maps.

Economy whose welfare is based on the sale of raw materials, are highly vulnerable, but have a great rest energy. That is, expect that right tomorrow Russia will run apologize for aggression, I would not. Forward-thinking its rulers are no different, and until everything starts to fly to hell, it will take some time. "Lost touch with reality" really fancies himself a collector of imperial land, and in fact every dollar the price of oil - it is minus 4 billion. In the budget of the Russian Federation.

Nothing new is our neighbor not come up. Maintaining the tradition of the Soviet Union, he was lying as well as how the Kremlin lied to the elders in their younger years. When the Soviet Union poking his snout down overgrown with all places, to all continents. And wherever snout arose, the world stood on the brink of war.
No missiles in Cuba. No advisors in Angola. No weapons in Vietnam. All the invasion by the same scheme - puppets, trained and financed by the Soviet regime, invite the big brother of all the oppressed. This is not an invasion. This assistance.
Empire of Lies. Deceitful Soviet television. False papers. The signatories, to stand in line to condemn someone and lick ... lick ... lick with all the passion of loyalty zasrat hairy ass power.

Really - naslednichki.
All it left - and sycophancy, and bigotry and falsehood, and cruelty. How is it passed on to people who lived in the Union? How are the boys with the nickname Stalin89, SSSR86? Where they have grown after the collapse of this nekrofilskaya love for a dead system? Look at the thousands of items "popadancheskogo" waste on the bookshelves. Revenge, revenge, revenge - carried out under each cover. Goodies them - Bolshevik executioners. It read. It is written. It's popular. In the Russian Federation for many years deliberately revived faith in the ideals of Bolshevism justify the crimes of state necessity. And do not do quiet glanders - quite officially, openly, with pride.

The monster returns. It does not rise with the knees - a gene Alien changing Russian society. 75% of Russians approve of the policy of the President of the Russian Federation about the Ukraine and Crimea. Three-quarters of the respondents! It really is a terrible figure.

When the Bolsheviks deceit and cruelty have taken power in the 17th year old Russian has ceased to exist. Empire died - and with it died concepts such as honor, loyalty obligations alliance. Fighting can also be different. It can be as white officers, and it is possible, as the Red commissars. Which came to power criminals act in accordance with with my morals and upbringing. They lied, killed, tortured, built on the bones of the greatness of his criminal empire, in which the scientists worked in sharashkas writers glorify murderers, poets sang the praises illiterate rulers and lay spreading putrid miasma, the main square of the country chuchelko gangster Vatajko.

Still lies chuchelko.
Still excites the idea of ​​reviving the empire of the former security officer, who has not even the former.
But lies, dishonesty, intolerance and violence can not build anything good.
The Germans still feel ashamed that they followed Hitler. They painfully long recovered.
A nation that loses its ability to critically evaluate their rulers - a sick nation.

When Putin's regime will fall, (and he will definitely fall, make no mistake, because all dictatorships fall, sooner or later), many who are now shouting to us "Nazis! Fascists! "Will open your eyes. And it will be a shame. And, perhaps not ...
Because 75% of the support of the aggressor - it is a terrible figure. It is a symptom of the deadly disease of society.


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