At Angelina Jolie's right leg has its own microblog

On Twitter, there microblog, which is conducted on behalf of the right leg of the actress Angelina Jolie. Twitter legs Hollywood star was registered soon after she appeared on the red carpet before the ceremony awards "Oscar».

The cause of the comic microblog legs Jolie was the behavior of the actress on the red carpet. The fact is that when posing for photographers, she exhibited the right foot, showing a high slit on her evening dress. Jolie took such a position, not only on the red carpet, but also on the stage during the ceremony. Photos of the actress and novice director with exposed right foot appeared in all photos from the solemn event.

TweetedAngiesRightLeg no particularly meaningful records. Basically foot asks pay attention to it and do not forget that it is here. In microblog leg Angelina Jolie signed by more than ten thousand people.



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