The Russian part of the ISS is testing a system for laser communication data

The Russian crew of the International Space Station (ISS) experiment is carried out "laser communication system" (SLS) for the transmission of large amounts of data to Earth.

Reception and transmission is carried out via board - specified ground station (TM) - onboard. Transfer rate must be 2 to 75 Mbit / s at a distance of 1000 kilometers. After working methodology and success of the SLS will be another channel for transmission of information by Russian agents.

Call from the ISS can be by satellite phone to anywhere in the earth. The main thing - the presence of free time, and satellite communications. Unfortunately not all the time have the opportunity. Also on this link (KU-band), astronauts can work with the Internet. The rate is small, but you can view the news. For convenience, there is on board mailer. Before the start of the lists submitted e-mail addresses from which mail the crew will get on a flight to a special address NASA. Lists can be adjusted during the mission. This post is thrown astronauts during the so-called synchronization somewhere 3-4 times a day.


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