5 most strange feeling that, without knowing it, a man endowed with

Usually, all attempts to prove the existence of a mysterious "sixth sense" broken to pieces. Nevertheless, we have and without any mysticism enough "extra" senses that we use without even knowing it.

1. We can "smell" individualnostOkazyvaetsya, the smell of a man almost as unique as his fingerprints. At the first meeting, even before the first word of a stranger would say, we have a respect to him or that "feeling" that we explain something not. It signals that submits us our sense of smell.

During a scientific experiment, a group of participants was asked for three days did not use soap, deodorant, or any other means that can mask the natural body odor. Three nights in a row the subjects had to sleep in the same shirt. Then these shirts were collected and offered to another group of people to guess the smell wore their personality traits of people: authoritativeness, a tendency to neurosis, isolation, or vice versa, sociability. Then they showed the same people on the video and again asked to describe strangers.

The result exceeded all expectations: in this and in another case untrue speculation in approximately the same extent.

2. We can see the "forbidden" tsvetaNekotorye people can see amazing, incredible colors. For example, blue and yellow. Not green, resulting from mixing the two pigments, namely a - partly blue and partly yellow.

The fact that when we see the blue color, the part of the retina, which perceives yellow, "off" and vice versa. Therefore, the present mix of blue and yellow ordinary person can not see. Green it is something else - although the nearest to the truth, to offer our brain.

Yet scientists have found a way to fool the human eye, so that he saw a "forbidden" yellow-blue and red-green color. Researchers have created images in which alternate different bands: red in one case and green in the other, and yellow-blue. When the subjects in a certain way looking at these pictures, then gradually began to notice how blurred the boundaries between colors and forms one unknown before tint. That is, it was found that it is possible to redirect the work of the cells of the retina and make the eyes really see two "forbidden" colors simultaneously.

3. A woman during ovulation feels snakes and geevOkazyvaetsya that every month, at the time of the menstrual cycle when the probability of conception is increased to its highest level, women get superhuman abilities - feel the snakes. And gay.

During a scientific experiment showed women pictures, which depicted a snake hiding in the garden. Women who were in the period of ovulation, snakes found much faster. Scientists explain this peculiarity that evolution has endowed woman ready to conceive a special gift to recognize the danger.

In another experiment, used a photo of men. It was found that during the period of ovulation, a woman and a gay recognizes much better. A lesbian this number is not passed.

Perhaps the ability to determine at a glance male homosexual granted in order to protect women from wasting precious time.

4. Men feel ovulyatsiyuV during ovulation voice, smell, skin tone woman slightly changed. And all these changes a man responds without even knowing it.

To participate in one of the experiments were invited 123 men and five women at different stages of the menstrual cycle. Men and women alternately combined in pairs and each pair showed some picture. Then the woman asked her to describe. Then describe the picture was a man.

Next to the woman in the least fertile period more men just lazy recounted her version. But next to a woman during ovulation, the stronger sex enlivened the picture and described in more detail. That is felt ovulation and more efforts to impress.

5. Even a blind eye can "see" In one study of elderly blind man, a volunteer was taken to the maze and asked to find a solution on their own. Oddly enough, the subject coped with the task brilliantly.

The fact is, the eyes of some blind people are in order. The problem in such cases is the visual centers, that is, areas of the brain that process information from the eyes. It's like a video camera without the film - it is OK, but still useless. But sometimes the body finds ways to combine the retina and the brain "directly". This is called "slepozreniem" - a person gets almost the full information that surrounds it, though, and did not see anything in the usual sense of the word.

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