In Texas, built a clock that will tick once a year for 10 000 years

The idea of ​​creating unusual hours came up with inventor Danny Hillis in 1989. The plan affects the scale - a mechanism designed for 10 000 years of uninterrupted work and should serve as a reminder of the kind of humanity need to think for years, centuries and millennia ahead.

Externally, the clock will be a giant (60 meters) dial, mounted in one of the remote mountains of western Texas.

The clock will have to tick only once a year, the age-old shooter move one space - once in a century. It is provided in hours and the cuckoo, but neither we nor our children or grandchildren do not see it - it will appear only once in a thousand years.

In addition to the precise time, date, year and century dial shows the position of the moon, planets and stars. But for all the data is displayed, you will need to twist the winch. Without visitors to dial in order to save energy, will stand (although counting everything they're supposed to, the internal clock all the time will be regularly). A mechanism for labor will thank one of their 3, 65 million unique ringtones.

Design work is almost completed, and even began the immediate process of manufacturing parts of the mechanism. The material for them is mostly stainless steel, titanium and ceramics.

Power should provide thermoelectric generator that will generate electricity by using the temperature difference between inside and outside the cave. A special solar clock synchronizer allows to adjust their work and always "know" the exact time.

Also required for placing parts of clockwork tunnels and caves, carved into the mountain five "jubilee" rooms dedicated round-dates the existence of hours: 1 year, 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years old and 10 000 years. The room is dedicated to the first anniversary, is a model of the solar system. In addition to the planets and the moon in it included interplanetary probe, launched during the 20th century. Once a year, the clock will run this model in the solar noon predetermined day. The idea for a hall dedicated to the 10th anniversary, is still under consideration. The remaining space will be left everything for the next generations.



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