Famous scientists signed a declaration that the animals have consciousness

An international group of eminent scientists, which included Neuropharmacologists, neuroscientists and neurologists, with the support of stars from other areas of science, have signed the Declaration on the minds of Cambridge (.pdf). In it, they stated that the people included in the list of animals like all mammals, birds, and even octopuses. All these animals have consciousness - and modern science can no longer ignore this fact.

"The absence of the cerebral cortex does not prevent to live perceives herself and her emotions - write scientists - converged data directly indicate that other animals besides humans, have neuroanatomical, neurochemical and neurophysiological substrates of states of consciousness, along with the possibility of intentional behavior ».

This Declaration - one more reason for humanity to reconsider their behavior with regard to "our younger brothers" and to reduce the level of violence in dealing with them.

via factroom.ru


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